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A place where science meets Cannabis

We have been researching Cannabis Sativa L. at the Humboldt University of Berlin for many years.

The research interests are diverse. From crop and pest management, intelligent lighting and climate control to economic studies and studies on mental health. Almost anything is possible with us!

The Cannabis Research Facility in Berlin

Cannabis research in the heart of Berlin

Our institute stands at the forefront of cannabis research, offering a comprehensive spectrum of methodologies including analytical and molecular biology approaches. Our facilities boast state-of-the-art spatial capacities, encompassing an analytical (S1) and in-vitro laboratory, a greenhouse for controlled plant cultivation, open-field areas for extensive agricultural research, and culture room capacities for precise environmental simulations. We are holders of a THC research licenses.  

Our Cannabis Research

State-of-the-art methods, Outstanding results

Artificial light for crop quality improvement

The cannabis research program investigates the impact of UV radiation and Far-Red light on the quality of cannabis plants. This research includes the analysis of how different wavelengths influence cannabinoid synthesis, plant morphology, and overall health.

A.I. sensor modul Leaf.IQ

Our competition-winning photosynthesis model for lower energy consumption and higher yields

The Leaf.iQ project at Humboldt University of Berlin represents a significant advancement in resource-efficient cultivation practices within the field of cannabis research. Employing AI-controlled lighting that meticulously adjusts both the intensity and spectral composition in real-time, the project pioneers in modeling the photosynthetic activity of cannabis plants with unprecedented precision. This innovative approach ensures optimal growth conditions while minimizing energy consumption. The project’s excellence was recognized at the Forum Junge Spitzenforschung, where Leaf.iQ secured the second place, highlighting its role as one of the most innovative applications in sensor technology and data analysis for plant science.

Cannabis research as a tool to inspire young researchers

The Humboldt University of Berlin promotes emerging talent in cannabis research through the Deutschland Stipendium's "Cannabis Research Class," supported by industry leaders DEMECAN and Aurora Europe. The program includes Master’s and Bachelor's theses, integrating students directly into cutting-edge research.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Ulrichs

"We are overwhelmed by the variety of topics and the motivation of this interdisciplinary subject class. The students are given the opportunity to conduct research both independently and as a team early on in their academic careers. At the same time, the exchange with the scholarship holders enriches the research at our institute"

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Ulrichs

Dean of the Life-Science-Faculty HU Berlin

Inga Mewis

Dr. Inga Mewis

Senior Researcher

M.Sc. Daniel Hübner

PhD Student "Cannabis production in closed embedded systems"

B.Sc. Leon König

Student Researcher
Tutor Cannabis Research Class

B.Sc. Konstantin Poerschke

Student Researcher

Years experience in cannabis research
Scholarships for young Cannabis-Researchers
greenhouse and controlled cultivation area

Experience in Numbers

Our long-standing scientific expertise in cannabis is exceptional for German research institutions


“Conducting research with cannabis has been on my wish list for quite some time.”

Jeffrey J. Jones

Jeffrey J. Jones

PhD Student - Alumni 2020

“Cannabis research at Humboldt University is an important mechanism to finally break the stigmatization of cannabis in science.”

Stellan Zytur

Senior Cultivation Manager GCS - Alumni 2020

“Here I get the chance to conduct interesting experiments to contribute to cannabis research.”

Adele Hollmann

Adele Hollmann

Business Development and Education Manager – Sanity Group., Alumni 2020

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