Adele Hollmann

Academic Career

Master of International Horticultural Science

10.2018- 12.2020 Humboldt University of Berlin Master thesis: “Controlling terpene content in Cannabis varieties – the key to optimized user experience?”

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

04.2015-04.2018 Humboldt University of Berlin Bachelor-thesis: “Cannabinoid therapy – an alternative to conventional pain therapy?

Next Academic/Vocational Goal

PhD (Planning status): Influence of spectral quality and production type on secondary metabolite accumulation in Cannabis sativa plants.

Personal Aim: Contributing to research around rediscovered alternative plant medicine, for a healthier future.

Research Topics During Cannabis Research Class

Research Objectives:


  1. Influence of illumination period (18/24 hours) during vegetative phase on biomass, root development and secondary metabolite content.
  2. “Lock-in effect” and accumulation of terpenes due to lack of red light 3 days prior to harvest.

Why Cannabis?

Given the great rediscovered potential of Cannabis in medicine, wellness, nutrition, and as a commodity, we should challenge prohibition through scientific research and help to shape a progressive future. There’s no question that I want to be a part of it.