Casey Ryan Walker

Academic Career

Humboldt University of Berlin – M.Sc. International Horticultural Science: 10.2018 – 4.2021

Master thesis: Evaluation of cannabinoid development and terpene profile throughout lifecycle of Cannabis sativa L.

Green Challenge Award DDG Winner 2019, Berlin, Germany – 02.2019 –07.2019

Outstanding achievement for creating new and innovating products within horticulture. Hydroponic celery production by crossing commercial celery with an allergy free celery cultivar thus, making it available for the European market, where 70% of consumers are allergic. Accessed a previously inaccessible market. 2,000 Euro grand prize.

College of Idaho, USA – B.Sc. Conservation Biology: 10.2011 – 09.2015
Bachelor-thesis: Small scale agricultural economies within industrial agriculture

Vocational Goal

To work alongside a company researching and developing optimal spectrums for LED lighting systems with the goal of increasing overall dry yield and secondary metabolite content within the inflorescences of Cannabis sativa L.

Research Topic For Class

My research focused on the phytocannabinoid yield from a six-hector hemp farm outside of Berlin, which is known to vary considerably between cultivars and differing environments. While the phytocannabinoid biosynthetic pathway has been well documented, the quantity and regulation of mechanisms controlling metabolite quantity remain unclear. This gap of incomplete information seeks to increase the overall market potential and value of this crop. Considering the multifaceted applications of hemp, our interest was to obtain an overall nutritional perspective, focusing specifically on the content of secondary metabolites and their fluctuations, as they manage various environmental stresses, such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation, throughout a typical growing season.