Daniel Hübner

Who are you and what milestones did you come across during your academic career?

Bachelor of Science (10.2014-04.2018): Agriculture at the Justus Liebig University Gießen Bachelor-
Thesis: Insurability of genetic engineering based on actuarial criteria.

Master of Science (10.2019 – 10.2021): Process and quality management in plant production

What is your next academic/vocational goal?

Writing my master’s thesis on a cannabis-related topic.
Getting a deeper look at secondary metabolites in cannabis.

What Research topic did you focus on during the Research Class?

Light Research
1. Influence of illumination period (18/24 hours) during vegetative phase on biomass, root development and secondary metabolite content.
2. “Lock-in effect” and accumulation of terpenes due to lack of red light 3 days prior to harvest.

What outcome resulted on your Research about Cannabis sativa?

A better understanding of cannabinoid and terpene profiles in the context of lighting. For more information check out the poster of the light group.