Evgeny Gubin

Academic Career

Phytotechnology in Horticulture – Bachelor of Science

10.2016 – 11.2020 Beuth University of Applied Science Berlin

Bachelor-thesis: „Shoot growth and fruit quality of Prunus avium ‘Kordia’ depending on the apparent soil conductivity (ECa) at the Altlandsberg production site“

Next Goals

  • Process and Quality Management in Agriculture and Horticulture – Master of Science at Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Disrupt the horticulture industry with smart lighting solutions as Horticulture Engineer at Crocus Labs GmbH
  • Finish the first reforstation project of the nonprofit organisation Re:Generation e.V. as Board Member

Research Topic During Research Class

Production / Light
Reasearch objectives:

  1. Influence of illumination period (18/24 hours) during vegetative phase on biomass, root development, and secondary metabolite content
  2. „Lock-In-Effect“ and accumulation of terpenes due to lack of red light 3 days prior to harvest

Mission / Why Cannabis?

Historical events, which shape their consequences to this day, lead to factual relationships being disregarded. Thereby not only the medical aspects are meant, but also the benefits of a truly green resource with many secondary functions for nature and people. I am all the more pleased to be doing this pioneering work here today.