Florian Herm

Academic Career

Bachelor of Science in I.T.
10/2009 – 03/2014 at Freie Universität zu Berlin
Thesis: Automatische Detektierung von Bienentänze

▪ Bachelor of Science in agricultural science
Since 10/2015 (part time)
Focus area: organic farming, hemp and cannabis research, natural soil improvement

About Me / Vocational Goals

After my bachelor I desided to become an organic hemp farmer in Brandenburg. My personal reasons for pushing this project forward was to make my own contribution to an enviromental friendly agriculture with the local healthy „superfood“ hemp. I founded my own company „Die Hanflinge“ in 2015 and started to study agricultural science to improve my practical knowledge. I actually cultivate 6 ha with different hemp strains and transform them to food (tea, oil, seed, flour…) for my online-shop www.hanflinge.de.

With my part time study focussed on my interest I hope to build a bridge between academic research about hemp and its practical consequences in order to further promote hemp cultivation in Germany. With my company, I look forward to continue to cultivate local hemp with respect for the environment and provide healthy and beneficial products.

Research Topic

My research group dealed with the changes in cannabinoid content of leaves and flowers of 5 different industrial hemp strains over the period of one outdoor growth season. All the samples where taken weekly from one area of my field in Brandenburg.

Our interest was to figure out the differences and fluctuation of cannabinoid and terpene in regard of the strain and time while exposed to natural environmental stresses, such as temperature and precipitation.