Jeffrey Jones

Who are you and what milestones did you come across during your academic career?

2016-2019: Student assistant at Freie Univertät Berlin: Rearing of Manduca sexta and Spodoptera exigua

2019-2021: Student assistant at Humboldt University: Hydroponical horticulture of several plant species.

2019: Publication of the chapters “Nutrient Deficiencies”,” Wounding” and “Microbial and Pland-Based Biostimulants” in the book “Controlled Environment Horticulture: Improving Quality of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants” by C.-M. Geilfus

2020: Bachelor of Science: Horticultural sciences at Humboldt University Berlin

Bachelor-Thesis: Plant-insect interactions: Local response of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum cv “Moneymaker”) to phytophagy by the zoophytophage Macrolophus pygmaeus

2021: Master of Science: Process and quality management in agriculture and horticulture at Humboldt University Berlin

Master thesis: Stomatal response to different light qualities

What is your next academic/vocational goal?

PhD: Analysis and efficiency improvement of nutrient fluxes of integrated plant, insect, fish production at the CUBES Circle project at Humboldt University Berlin.

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What Research topic did you focus on during the Research Class?

Enhancement of cannabinoid and terpenoid content due to application of hexanoic acid.

What outcome resulted on your Research about Cannabis sativa?

We found that it is possible to induce increases of CBD, THC and some terpenoids in Hemp due to application of hexanoic acid. We also found that each cannabinoid and terpenoid gets increased by different concentrations of hexanoic acid.