Marian Max Rütsche

Marian Max Rütsche is a social and legal scholar. Professionally, voluntarily and in his studies he mainly deals with questions of migration law. He came to the Cannabis Research Class through his interest in the social and legal status of illegalized substances. He finished his social science studies with a master’s thesis on the question of whether dealers of a certain skin color and origin are more often the target of repressive police measures than others. The content of his thesis was linked to the public discourse on drug dealing in Görlitzer Park and focused on the migration policy as well legal aspect of repressive measures. He is currently studying at the Faculty of Law at Humboldt University, having already completed an LL.M. in International Migration and Refugee Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During the Cannabis Research Class, he focused primarily on legal aspects of the topic as well as the historical development of the prohibition of hemp products.