Milagros Galve Gómez

Academic Career

M.Sc. Psychology. Humboldt University of Berlin
Student Research Assistant. Clinic of Psychiatry at the Charité Universitätsmedizin
Research focus: Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder with oxytocin and THC.

B.Sc. Psychology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Student Research Assistant. Department of Methodology
Research focus: Structural brain changes after training with educational videogames.

Next Academic/Vocational Goal

Short term:
Obtaining my master’s degree. Planned master thesis: “The influence of the cannabinoid system on the acquisition and consolidation of stress-associated memories.”

Long term:
Training as a learning therapist. Besides dedicating myself to university and work, I have been a support teacher for a long time. I am passionate about pedagogy and I would like to support people who seek help for their learning challenges.

Research Topic of Cannabis Research Class

The anxiolytic properties of cannabis. I have searched the literature on how to reduce anxiety using cannabis. Since anxiety is a symptom that is part of many disorders, I have focused on post-traumatic stress disorder. I have interviewed experts in this field and found that the use of cannabis as a treatment adjacent to therapy has a lot of potential.

Why Cannabis?

During this year I’ve come to the conclusion that if we get rid of cannabis-related prejudices and approach this plant with a curious eye and an investigating mind, we will discover that it offers us a possibility to extend our medicine cabinet to decrease pain, reduce nightmares and change lives.