Stellan Zytur

Academic Career:

  • 2013–2017: B.Sc. Horticultural Sciences, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • 2017-2021: M.Sc. Process- and Qualitymanagement in Horticulture, Humboldt-University of Berlin
    • Master Thesis: Analysis of interactive effects of light intensity/ fertilizer intensity and light quality/ UV-B
      irradiation on selected metabolites and parameters of chlorophyll fluorescence analysis in Cannabis sativa L (‘Fedora 17’)

Vocational Goal:

Scientific promotion at the production site of one of Germany’s only licensed producers of medical cannabis on adjusting horticultural lighting to photosynthetic capacities of Cannabis sativa L. varieties of therapeutic value throughout the cultivation phase in controlled environment horticulture.

Help setting up the cultivation facility, horticultural research department and QMS for commercial cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany, initiate and optimize the continuous production process from seed/clone to harvest.

Consulting friends in legal commercial open field cannabis cultivation in South Africa.

Scientific contributions towards a holistic and sustainable understanding of global Cannabis sativa L. cultivation.

Contribution to the Cannabis Research Class: Tutor/student helper for the lecturers’ team

  • Introduction to Cannabis sativa L.: biology, usage, cultivation and horticultural research
  • Stock keeping of motherplants and vegetative propagation via stem cuttings (soil&aeroponics, in-Vitro) for practical experiments
  • Preparing experimental setups for practical horticultural research trials
    • Installing a hydroponic drip-system
    • Calculating and preparing stock solutions from raw salts for fertigation in hydroponic cultivation
    • Adjusting light spectra of versatile horticultural lighting (Cropter, CompLED; R1, FutureLED)
    • Practical introduction into analysis of secondary metabolites via HPLC and GC