Thomas Bless

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)

Bachelors thesis: Nutrient balance of NPK in an aquaponic system, evaluation of sustainability

International Master in Horticultural Sciences (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

Master’s thesis: Impact of light and temperature on secondary metabolite yield.

Milestones and research topics

  • Founded lecture series “Future of sustainable agriculture” at Martin Luther university in Halle
  • Formation:
    o Plant breeding and biotechnology research
    o Aquaponics research, with focus on nutrient balance
    o Use of insects as an alternative protein source
    o Vertical farming research: improving efficiency, sustainability, life cycle
    ▪ Founded the association Berlin Vertical Farming (BVF): projects of vertical greening, automated irrigation
    o Medicinal plants: metabolism, production
    o Renewable energy production
    o Controlled environment agriculture research: response of plants to different temperature, light intensity, spectra, and photoperiod
    o CO2 and air distribution velocity in the greenhouse
  • Cannabis research: tissue culture, increase of secondary metabolites by precursor application

Research topic

Application of hexanoic acid to Cannabis roots with 3 different concentration levels (low = 0,6 Mm, mid = 1 Mm, and high 6 Mm) 7 and 2 days before harvest to enhance content of secondary metabolites in combination.


Cannabinoids (THC, CBD) and terpenoids (pinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool and caryophyllene).